Outside of a small farming community in central Illinois spreads a quilt of corn, beans, prairie, and gravel roads interconnecting farms and families. Kick-off your shoes and settle in for a slice of farmhouse living – barefoot and beautiful.

DIY Candle Making

Why buy candles when you can make them at home?In this quick start guide to making candles you’ll be shocked at how simple the process is. In fact, I’ve narrowed candle making down to just 4 steps!

Lemon Homemade Cleaners

Discover all the ways to use lemons outside of cooking in homemade cleaners for your farmhouse. Need to add a shine to your pots and pans, restore your wood cutting boards, or remove a stain? Want to do it with a great smelling natural homemade cleaner?  Look no further than lemons! Not only can they…

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