DIY Foaming Hand Soap

Farmhouse DIY Foaming Hand Soap Recipe 

This DIY foaming hand soap recipe is a breeze to make! It will leave your hands clean and soft with just 3 ingredients. 

I love making soap bars like my current favorite lemon meringue pie soap, but I prefer to use DIY foaming hand soap in the kitchen. It’s quicker to use than bar soap and takes up less space on the kitchen counter around our farmhouse sink. And all those bubbles just make me feel like I’ve got all the kitchen germs covered. 

(Speaking of our farmhouse kitchen sink, this is how I keep ours white without smelly bleach.) 

What makes this foaming hand soap recipe better than the others? 

  • For starters, it doesn’t contain Sodium Lauryl Sulfate (SLS), Sodium Laureth Sulfate (SLES), or parabens. 
  • You won’t need expensive ingredients to make it.
  • And the recipe will not only clean but moisturize your hands too. 

So, if you want to learn how to make foaming hand soap, you’re in the right place.

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Can you turn liquid soap into foaming soap? Yes, here’s how!

Can you turn liquid soap into foaming soap?

You might be surprised to know that DIY foaming hand soap can be made from just about any liquid soap, water, and a foaming soap dispenser. But, like most things, not all liquid soap is created equal. Some reach for liquid dishwashing soap when making foaming hand soap. But, that type of soap can be hard on your hands and isn’t designed for simple hand-washing. 

Instead, choose a soap that is gentle on the skin. Castile soap for example is a very gentle cleanser made with plant-based ingredients. I love that it is available in 32-ounce bottles, so I can refill our foaming hand soap dispensers for months without ever needing to buy another bottle. 

And you can buy it already infused with essential oils in a scent you like. Lavender Castile soap is my favorite. But, I have tried several others such as citrus, eucalyptus, and almond. To find a scent you like, start with a variety pack of all 8 types of liquid Castile soap. You’ll be sure to find one perfect for your home!

Turn liquid soap into foaming hand soap with this 4-step DIY foaming hand soap recipe!

What makes this foaming hand soap moisturizing?

With the simple addition of vegetable glycerin, this DIY foaming hand soap is extra moisturizing and creates a thicker foam too! If you didn’t know, vegetable glycerin attracts water to the skin and helps to maintain moisture. It’s what makes this soap feel so soft on the skin. 

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How to Make Foaming Hand Soap

I know you’ll love this foaming hand soap recipe as much as I do! It is a breeze to make with just 3 ingredients and literally takes me only seconds to refill our soap dispensers. 

Turn liquid soap into foaming hand soap with this 4-step DIY foaming hand soap recipe!

DIY Foaming Hand Soap Ingredients:


1. Prepare your foaming hand soap dispenser by rinsing out the container and the pump. Then wipe down the outside of the bottle. Did you know you make a foaming hand soap bottle using a standard 16-ounce mason jar with a pump lid like these?

2. Now, with your container prepped and ready to go add ¼ cup of lavender Castile soap or a scent of your choice. (Depending on the opening size of your soap dispenser, you may need a funnel.) 

3. Next, add 1 teaspoon of vegetable glycerin to the Castile soap for a thicker foam and added moisturizer.

4. Last, top the bottle with filtered or distilled water. Then place the pump back on the bottle and shake gently to mix.

This homemade foaming hand soap always leaves our hands clean and soft with a light lavender scent. It’s the perfect touch after cleaning up the kitchen. And in such a pretty soap dispenser, it doesn’t create clutter or interfere with my farmhouse decor. 

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