DIY Snowflake Soap

DIY Snowflake Soap Easy Winter Craft

DIY snowflake soap is an easy winter craft anyone can make while stuck indoors. Follow our easy soap recipe to make Nordic-inspired soaps. 

If icy paths and snow-covered lanes have you stuck indoors, I bet you’re wondering, “What are good winter projects?”. We can only succumb to winter’s dreariness, endlessly scrolling, or Netflix bingeing for only so long. Why not try an easy winter craft? 

An easy soap recipe might be just the thing to shake off winter’s boredom. It can change your day like an icicle sliding off the roof, hitting you smack upside the head. Ha ha! 

With simple ingredients and a touch of farmhouse charm, you can turn your home into a haven of winter-inspired crafts. 

Start with these delicate snowflake soaps that fit in the palm of your hands, crafted with care and farmhouse flair.

Each is the perfect addition to your guest bath in the wintertime. I tucked a charming snowflake soap into my Christmas tins during the holidays. You could share them as hostess gifts, stocking stuffers, or make dozens for a fundraising idea. 

Because it’s surprisingly easy to create these snowflake-shaped soaps in minutes, transforming an ordinary winter day into a creative escape. 

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Uncover your creativity this winter! Get DIY with our easy Snowflake Soap recipe. Transform a snowy day into a crafting adventure in minutes!

What Do You Need To Make Snowflake Soap?

How do you make winter soap at home? You’ll find these adorable snowflake soaps are quite practical, with only a few supplies needed. 

For this soap recipe, I added a touch of farmhouse chic with these supplies and ingredients:

Juniper Essential Oil

If there’s anything that smells like a snowflake to me, it’s crisp, slightly sweet juniper evergreen! Whether you opt for juniper essential oil or juniper fir & balsam spruce fragrance, you’ll enjoy the sweet and woodsy aroma.

Goat Milk Melt and Pour Soap Base

I used my favorite goat milk melt and pour soap base to make these winter soaps. It’s a skin-loving gentle base perfect for dry hands during the cold winter weather. 

You’ll love working with melt and pour, too – it’s the simplest method of making soap!

Nordic Snowflake Soap Mold

To make snowflake shaped soap, you’ll need a snowflake soap mold. The snowflake mold I used was a gift set of two from Buc-ee’s. It’s made by Krumb Kitchen and has seven slots in each tray. This set of snowflake molds has a similar intricate Nordic design. 

Both are made of flexible silicone, perfect for melt and pour soap making, and easy to unmold.

With these supplies and a few kitchen tools, you’ll be ready to make these delicate palm-sized snowflake shaped soaps! 

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Tired of winter blues? Elevate your spirits with an easy winter craft! Create enchanting DIY Snowflake Soaps—simple, quick, and a charming addition to your home.

Creating DIY Snowflake Soap

Made with all-natural goat milk soap and a splash of juniper – these winter-inspired soaps are a charmer!

So, grab your apron, and let’s get started—turning a dreary winter day into a crafty day. Follow the step-by-step instructions to guide you through the process of making soap at home. 

Soap Ingredients and Supplies:

2 silicone snowflake soap molds

11 ounces goat milk soap base

5ml of juniper essential oil

 Embrace the charm of winter with our DIY Snowflake Soap! Crafted with all-natural goat milk soap and a hint of juniper, it's a winter wonder for your skin.

DIY Snowflake Soap Instructions

1. Prep Workspace:

Prepare a workspace in your farmhouse kitchen to make soap. Gather your supplies there and make sure everything is clean. 

I like to use my constantly growing collection of cutting boards and trays to put each soap mold on top. (Silicone is fantastic, but they aren’t designed to be sturdy, like a cookie sheet. So lay each on top of a sturdy tray.)

2. Chop & Measure Soap:

Chop eleven ounces of the goat milk soap base with a soap knife into 1-inch chunks. I like to use a digital scale in my kitchen to weigh the chopped soap by placing a large glass measuring cup on the scale. Then tap to tare the measuring cup’s weight and add soap chunks until you reach the required amount. 

3. Melt Soap Base:

Next, place the glass measuring cup filled with the chopped soap into the microwave. Melt soap for one 45-second interval stir with a heat-resistant silicone spatula or wooden spoon. Then melt again for one 30-second interval or until liquid. 

4. Add Juniper:

Once melted, remove the soap from the microwave and add 5ml of juniper essential oil into the melted soap base. Stir it thoroughly to blend in the scent. 

5. Pour The Soap:

Use the spout of the measuring cup to pour the soap mixture into the seven sections of each snowflake soap mold. Allow the soap to harden and cure for one to four hours before removing it from the soap mold. 

Seeking an easy winter craft? Look no further! Our DIY Snowflake Soaps are not just charming—they're a breeze to make. Elevate your winter days with a touch of farmhouse chic.

How To Package Soap:

Handmade soaps always make beautiful gifts, but sometimes their shape is difficult to gift wrap. (Yes, I’m looking at you – snowflake!) The easiest way I found to wrap these DIY snowflake soaps was in clear soap bags tied with twine or snowflake ribbon. 

Read my list of creative packaging ideas for ways to gift wrap soap. 


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