Pressed Flower DIY Wax Melt Snap Bars

Creating Gorgeous Pressed Flower DIY Wax Melt Snap Bars

Create DIY wax melt snap bars with gorgeous pressed flowers and a brilliant floral scent. They’re the perfect way to refresh your farmhouse!

Are you as mesmerized by the beauty of flowers as I am? In our farmhouse, there’s an undeniable charm that fresh, dried, and pressed flowers bring. Their presence is felt in every room, adding a touch of nature’s elegance.

Flowers have an allure I just can’t resist.

Something about these delicate blossoms brings a sense of calm and joy. With every new bouquet that graces our farmhouse, the question arises – how can I incorporate these botanical beauties in a creative way?

My fascination for flowers and the timeless art of pressing them inspired this new farmhouse DIY! 

The photos don’t do these creamy white wax melt snap bars, adorned with dainty dried flower petals and crowned with pastel blue or purple pressed pansy flowers, justice. They are almost too beautiful to melt, but when you do, their soft floral fragrance dances in the air, bringing the garden indoors.

In this farmhouse-inspired guide, I’ll walk you through the art of pressing flowers and creating your very own wax melt snap bars adorned with nature’s finest.

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Enhance your farmhouse decor with our pressed flower DIY wax melt snap bars! Experience the art of flower pressing and create these fragrant wax melts.

What is a wax melt snap bar?

Sometimes called a wax melt bar or simply a snap bar, they are essentially an easy-to-use wickless candle resembling a chocolate bar. 

How do you use a melt bar? 

Like most chocolate bars, a wax melt snap bar is intended to be used one square at a time. Simply snap off one piece from the bar to melt one of two ways. 

  1. Place a piece of the snap bar in an electric wax warmer to melt and release the fragrance. This method is a great way to enjoy the warmth of a candle without a flame. 
  2. The second way to use a snap bar is by placing a chunk over a tealight burner. This beautiful option slowly melts the wax, releasing the fragrance.  And you need only have the tea light light until the bar melts. 

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What Flowers Can I Use In Wax Melt Snap Bars?

What Flowers Can I Use In Wax Melt Snap Bars?

I’ve made hundreds, possibly a thousand wax melts, and I can say you can use just about any flower in snap bars. 

(If you’re concerned about the safety of putting dried flowers in wax melts, don’t be. Candle wax warmers and tea light burns don’t get hot enough to burn dried or pressed flowers in wax melts.) 

Like my easy dried flower candle tapers, these snap bars are a great way to use leftover flower petals. 

If you’re short of flower petals, You can buy flowers already pressed to match your farmhouse style. These colorful pressed flowers are very similar to the pansy flowers I used. But why not dry flowers from your garden or nature walk with these tips or choose from the following flower pressing techniques? 

Flower Pressing Techniques

This DIY pressed flower project for wax melt snap bars is simple and quite quick to make, but first, you need pressed flowers! Pick flowers from your garden, wild-craft from nature, or preserve a flower bouquet using one of these four flower pressing techniques. 

Book Page Pressing

I started pressing flowers in my youth with this method of tucking flowers between pages of books and journals. All it takes is closing the book or journal, placing something heavy on top, and waiting several weeks for the flowers to press flat. 

Wooden Flower Pressing 

This traditional flower pressing method, which was popular during Victorian times, used a wooden press. It involves placing flowers between thin drying papers and sandwiching several layers between the wood mats. 

Like book page pressing, the flowers take weeks to dry and flatten, but the outcome is beautiful. Read my steps on how to use a wooden flower press for the best results.

Iron Pressing

This flower-pressing technique is quick! Place flowers between parchment paper and press firmly on a heat-safe surface with a dry, hot iron. Just be careful not to burn yourself or overdo it and burn the flowers, too. 

Microwave Pressing

This flower pressing technique has become one of my favorites to use for thick flowers. Zapping flowers dry and flat in the microwave with a microwave press only takes a few minutes. (Take a look at my before and after photos to see how well it works!)

No matter how you press flowers, you’ll be able to create unique DIY wax melt snap bars! 

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Looking for a charming, fragrant farmhouse DIY project? Learn how to press flowers and create wax melt snap bars

How Do You Make Floral Wax Melts Snap Bars?

If you can’t resist the allure of flowers, follow these steps to create floral wax melt snap bars. It’s not just another farmhouse craft but a way to cherish the beauty of blossoms all year round. 

Here’s what you’ll need:

1 snap bar mold 

dried or pressed flower petals

.59 pounds of organic soy wax beads for wax melts

1 ounce of candle fragrance

Wax Melt Snap Bars Instructions

Add Flowers

Sprinkle dried or pressed flower petals across your snap bar mold

Measure Wax

Place a large glass liquid measuring cup on a digital scale. Tare the weight and measure .59 pounds of soy wax beads

Melt Wax

Put the measuring cup filled with wax inside the microwave. Microwave for three intervals of 45 seconds. Use a no-touch infrared thermometer to monitor the heat of the wax, not letting it rise above 160 degrees. Stir the wax as needed in between heating with a silicone spatula.

Add Fragrance 

Once the wax has melted, allow it to cool to 150°F before adding one ounce of candle fragrance. Slowly stir for a constant 2 minutes to thoroughly incorporate the fragrance into the melted wax.

Pour Wax Melts

Carefully pour the scented wax among each section of the snap bar mold. Waiting 24 hours before popping out each snap bar is best. 

How Do You Package Snap Bars?

If you are gifting or selling snap bars, you can slip a pressed flower onto the top of each bar inside the packaging for added decoration. 

Elevate your wax melt game with a touch of nature! Our pressed flower DIY wax melt snap bars not only infuse fragrance but also bring a touch of farmhouse charm to your space.


Bring the beauty of a flower garden into your home with these pressed flower DIY wax melts that look almost good enough to eat! 

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