DIY Dried Flower Candle Tapers

DIY Dried Flower Candle Tapers- Quick Dried Flower Craft

These DIY dried flower candle tapers are a quick dried flower craft to use up flower petals left over from other craft projects!

Are you captivated by the timeless beauty of dried flowers in your farmhouse-inspired decor? 

As a woman hooked on farmhouse style and crafting, I understand the joy of using dried flowers in various projects and gift ideas. However, I often find myself left with an abundance of tiny flower petals from my previous dried flower crafts. And I just hate to toss with them. Don’t you? 

So, what can you make out of dried flowers? I have the perfect solution to make the most of those precious petals in this dried flower craft idea! 

And it’s a simple technique anyone can do to make dried flower candle tapers that will infuse your farmhouse spaces with a whimsical and feminine charm. Plus, you’ll save money using something you already have in your crafty stash. 

So, gather your leftover dried flower petals, and let’s begin transforming ordinary candle tapers into beautifully unique statements (at a fraction of the cost). 

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Do you have a ton of flower petals leftover from dried flower craft projects? Look no further than this delightful DIY dried flower candle tapers craft. It’s the quickest way to put them to use!

How Do You Put Dried Flowers On Taper Candles?

If you have been wondering how do you put dried flowers on taper candles? Like adding dried lavender buds to candles or simply any dried flower petals, I’m glad you’re here. Because I’ve got to tell you the first thing I tried DIDN’T WORK!

Have you seen that technique that says to light a candle, then dip a paintbrush into the hot candle wax while avoiding the flame? Then paint the hot wax onto a candle and stick dried flowers onto it. Well, as you might imagine, that FAILED! 

It was such a mess with drippy wax everywhere, and of course, I unintentionally caught the paintbrush bristles on FIRE! Yeah, that was scary, and it smelled horrible. Besides, the fact that the candle wax color didn’t match the color of the tapers, and it looked like a third grader trying to make Mommy a special gift with flowers. 

So, How Do You Attach Dried Flowers To Candles?

Luckily, on the second attempt, I figured out how to attach dried flowers to candle tapers without a waxy mess or a burnt paintbrush! 

And it is the easiest way to incorporate those leftover dried flower petals into charming and unique candle tapers.

But before we begin, let me answer one important question…

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Is it safe to burn candles with dried flowers?

With all this talk about fires, I’m sure you’re quickly questioning – Is it safe to burn candles with dried flowers? So you’ve got to know, will flowers in a candle catch fire?

According to the National Candle Association, candles made with botanical add-ins can be a fire hazard. That includes flammable materials like dried flowers, leaves, herbs, cinnamon sticks, or pressed flowers in the wax next to the flame.

That’s why I placed the dried flowers only at the base of the candle tapers. So I could safely burn them. And I used beeswax tapers that have a slow, low heat burn. But if you don’t intend to light your taper candles, you can cover them in as much flowers petals as you like! 

P.S. For the record, botanicals are safe for use in candle wax melts because the wax never gets warm enough to catch fire, nor is there a flame involved. And the same goes for floating candle centerpieces that I love to make!

So, have no fear. I’ll guide you step-by-step on how to attach the dried flower petals to the taper candles safely, creating a stunning visual display.

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Learn how to preserve dried flowers and give a new life to your candle tapers with a touch of natural elegance by making these DIY dried flower candle tapers.

Here’s What You Need To Make Dried Flower Candle Tapers

Now that you know what to avoid and how to be safe, here’s what you need to make dried flower candle tapers: 

Something To Cover Your Workspace

You’ll definitely want something to cover your workspace. I laid a piece of parchment paper over a cookie sheet to keep the flower petals mostly contained and to absorb any candle wax residue. 

A Pair of Candle Tapers

If you’re like me, you probably already have a pair or two of ordinary candle tapers somewhere. And, to be honest, any will do! I can show you how to attach dried flowers to white, yellow, blue, pink, or smooth or twisted candle sticks. 

If you’re out, you can buy a pair of taper candles ready-made. These are a cute pack of six tapers, don’t you think?

Or, if you’d like to make this project a little extra special, follow my directions to make beeswax candle tapers at home with beeswax sheets. 

Dried Flowers 

If you’ve been hoarding leftover flower petals from your previous dried flower crafts projects, now’s the time to use them! However, if you are just starting with this DIY and don’t have any petals, you’ve got a few options:

  • HANG DRY – The simplest way of drying flowers is to tie them in bunches and hang them upside down to dry. I recommend laying a tea towel under them to collect falling petals while drying. 
  • PRESS – Another method is to dry flowers in an old book or empty journal, although a traditional wood flower press works better. (If you’re in a rush, a microwave flower press works wonders (I share how to use a microwave flower press here). 
  • PRESERVE – An option I haven’t tested yet, but plan to soon is drying flowers with silica gel

And, of course, you can also buy dried flowers, as I do when I’m after a specific color or style. Bloomers and Bites on Etsy have dozens of flower confetti options that are perfect for this project!  If you’re after a pressed flower look – this is one of my favorite packs of pressed flowers on Amazon with pretty shades of blue, purple, and pink. 

My Secret Tool

To make these DIY dried flower candle tapers, you’ll need my secret tool… Have you heard of a heat gun before? I have had one in my craft closet for two decades. I began using it years ago to emboss stamped patterns. But recently, I’ve learned it can do a whole lot more! Like making this candle easy-peasy!

That’s all you need to get ready to indulge in the beauty of dried flowers and bring a touch of nature’s enchantment to your farmhouse-style decor with this candle hack!

I’m sure you’ll agree these DIY dried flower candle tapers are the perfect way to make the most of your flower petal stash. They are incredibly easy to make in a flash but look stunning in your farmhouse decor.

How To Make Dried Flower Candle Tapers In A Flash

I’m sure you’ll agree these DIY dried flower candle tapers are the perfect way to make the most of your flower petal stash. They are incredibly easy to make in a flash but look stunning in your farmhouse decor. 

Project Supplies

Dried Flower Taper Candle Instructions

  1. Line your work surface with parchment paper. You may want to place it on a cookie sheet to help contain the flower petals.
  2. Select your dried flower petals and place them within reach of our work area. 
  3. Then lay one candle taper on top of the parchment paper and plug in your heat gun. 
  4. Hold the heat gun at a distance of six to twelve inches above the taper candle. Turn it on and begin moving the wave of heat up and down the length of the candle taper you want to attach flowers to.
  5. The candle will quickly become tacky and ready for flowers! Turn off the heat gun and place it on its stand. Then sprinkle the tacky area of the candle with dried flower petals.
  6. Repeat until you have adhered flowers to all sides of the candle taper. 
  7. Place the dried flower-decorated candles into taper candle holders or lay them on parchment paper to cool and then bundle them with twine for gift-giving. 
Do you have a ton of flower petals leftover from dried flower craft projects? Look no further than this delightful DIY dried flower candle tapers craft. It’s the quickest way to put them to use!

I’m swooning over the beautiful details of these tiny petals on the candle sticks. They add just a touch of whimsy and nature anywhere I place them in our modern farmhouse.

Plus, they make great gift ideas for weddings or anniversaries because every couple deserves a candlelight dinner at home. 


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