Dried Flower DIY Capsules

How to Preserve Flowers in Adorable Dried Flower DIY Capsules

Here’s a fun tip on how to preserve flowers from your vacation, wedding, or garden in dried flower DIY capsules. You’ll love how simple this dried flower project really is!

It’s no secret that I love flowers. But, I’m not the fussy type who only likes grand flower bouquets and arrangements. Almost any flower will make me happy; Queen Anne’s lace growing at the edge of the fields, wild sunflowers along the creek edge and blue chicory covering the prairie come to mind. Honestly, I’ve even been known to like weeds too. 

No matter the flower I’ve picked, bought or been given, I can’t help but want to make it last longer. That’s why I’ve been learning all the ways of how to preserve flowers. I’ve shared how to press flowers the traditional way and how to use a microwave flower press for quick dried flower projects.

If you’ve tried either method, I’m sure you’ll agree the result is worthwhile. Dried flowers have such a unique beauty to them. Where they lack in color, they make up for in texture. I find it harder to take my eyes off a single carefully preserved dried flower than a bouquet of fresh flowers. 

Give a girl a flower bouquet, and they’ll last a week; give her a capsule of dried flowers, and they’ll last forever! 

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What can you make out of dried flowers? These dried flower DIY capsules are a great way to choose preserved flowers.

What can you make out of dried flowers?

If you love the look of dried flowers too, you may wonder what you can make out of dried flowers. The most common use is in DIY dried flower arrangements. I like to blend dried grass, wheat, seed pods, and other elements into my arrangements. But, I also enjoy thinking outside the box. Which is why I make dried flower wax melts and preserve flowers in homemade clear soap.

Recently, I’ve been inspired by dried flower cloches. They were quite popular in Victorian times to display unusual plants and insects under a glass dome. I use large and small cloches to cover plants and candles in our home. For this dried flower DIY project, I decided to use small capsules I’ve had in my craft supplies for over a year. They are the perfect size to create tiny dried flower arrangements or whatever your heart desires. 

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How do you preserve flowers for DIY projects like this? 

When it comes to how to preserve flowers, you have a lot of options. The simplest way of drying flowers is to tie them in bunches and hang them upside down to dry, as I did to make these lavender sachets. Another simple method is to dry flowers in an old book or empty journal, although a traditional wood flower press works better. 

If you’re in a rush, a microwave flower press works wonders (I share how to use a microwave flower press here). Another option I haven’t tested yet, but plan too soon is drying flowers with silica gel

Of course, you can also buy dried flowers as I do when I’m after a certain color or style. The Bohemian Revival shop has a gorgeous collection of boho dried grasses and flowers. Hidden Botanics make stunning dried flower arrangements and sell individual bundles to make your own too. And Of Moth and Moon sell preserved butterflies, curiosity boxes, and dried flower heads. 

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Capture your day, vacation, garden blooms, or preserve a wedding bouquet with these dried flower DIY capsules.

What flowers are best for drying? 

Just about any flower can be dried. I gathered up flowers and seed heads my daughter picked from our woodlands and prairie in IL before we moved to Texas. Including the first flowers, she grew on her own. Each holds a special memory for us and represents more than would appear to others. I also added other dried flower stems I purchased to coordinate with the colors in her bedroom. 

I think this project is a great answer to what to do with dried flowers from a wedding too. You could add other mementos as well to make a wedding capsule. Cuts from your summer garden or seashells, sand, and small pieces of driftwood from a seaside vacation would be amazing in a capsule too. 

The idea is to create something that’s uniquely your own! 

These easy to make dried flower DIY capsules are a great answer to what can you make out of dried flowers?

Here’s what you’ll need to make a dried flower DIY capsule: 

1 small bunch or collection of dried flowers

4 glass capsules such as glass cloches or test tubes

1 pair of tweezers

How to Make Dried Flower DIY Capsules:

Clean and dry your glass containers (you want the glass to be clear, so you can see what’s inside.) Place each container upright and with the lids off and stabilize as much as possible. 

Layout your dried flower and any other curiosities to choose from. 

Use a pair of tweezers to place each stem, seed, and other pieces into each capsule. Have a pair of small scissors handy to trim stems as needed to fit inside the capsules. 

When you’re finished, place the lids on each capsule to seal. Adhere clear drying glue such as modge podge to the lids for a more secure seal.


Capture your day, vacation, garden blooms, or preserve a wedding bouquet with these dried flower DIY capsules.

This dried flower DIY project doesn’t really require many supplies to make. I was lucky enough to have everything on hand to make these dried flower capsules. They also came together very quickly, and they look precious in my daughter’s room. 

You could create a table centerpiece with a large glass cloche or line a shelf with a collection of several small capsules. A single dried flower capsule would also make a great handmade gift, especially if you personalize it. You could preserve wedding flowers, a wedding anniversary bouquet, or other elements from a trip. 

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