Shadow Box DIY Fall Craft

Farmhouse Shadow Box DIY Fall Craft

This shadow box DIY fall craft encapsulates autumn’s rustic colors and textures. It’s an easy fall decor idea to preserve dried flowers and fall leaves. 

We just turned the calendar to September, and if you are asking yourself when you should start decorating for fall, the best time is when you feel that first crisp chill in the air. For us, that’s September, and what better way to start than with fall leaf craft!

As the days grow shorter and the leaves begin turning from greens to crimson reds and golden yellows, an undeniable charm sweeps through our farmhouse. Autumn is a season that beckons us to bring the rustic beauty of the outdoors inside.

And this DIY fall craft is a simple way to do just that! We’ll use a shadow box as a canvas to preserve the beauty of fall leaves and dried flowers. 

I’ll show how to dry flowers quickly and preserve fall leaves to use in this easy fall decorating idea. 

So, whether you’re a seasoned DIYer or a crafting novice, you can create a DIY shadow box to encapsulate the rustic colors and textures of fall.

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What is a shadow box?

Shadow boxes are not just frames; they are artful displays that allow you to capture and showcase a moment, a memory, or a theme in a three-dimensional masterpiece. 

They are like tiny stages waiting for you to arrange your props, set the scene, and tell a story. And in this case, we’re telling the story of autumn on the farm. 

How do shadow boxes work?

When we look at the basics of their design, we can easily understand how they work. Shadow boxes have a deep frame with a transparent glass or acrylic front. It’s the depth of the frame that sets them apart.

And that’s what makes shadow box DIY crafts so fascinating! Unlike regular frames showcasing a flat photograph, shadow boxes invite us to create dimension. 

You can layer objects, arrange them at different depths, and even play with lighting to cast intriguing shadows. This ability to add depth and dimension brings your story to life.

Perhaps you're wondering, can you put dried flowers in a shadow box? Here's what I've learned.

Can you put dried flowers in a shadow box?

Perhaps you’re wondering, can you put dried flowers in a shadow box? Absolutely! Shadow boxes are the perfect canvas for preserving the timeless beauty of dried flowers and the vibrant hues of fall leaves.

And I’ll show you how to preserve your fall leaves and florals, ensuring they maintain their captivating colors and shape.

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Gathering Your Supplies

Creating a shadow box DIY fall display is the perfect project for anyone seeking an easy fall decor idea they can make in an afternoon. Here are a few tips on what supplies to gather for this project. 

Tips For Choosing the Right Shadow Box

The key to a captivating fall shadow box lies in selecting the perfect canvas. I opted for a square shadow box with a white frame and a white background. This choice not only enhances the vivid fall colors but also adds a touch of farmhouse charm. 

What I particularly love about this shadow box is its versatility—it has enough depth to stand on its own. This means you can effortlessly move it from a wall shelf to a countertop or console without the need for nails or hammers, unlike traditional wall-hanging shadow boxes.

However, you can choose various shapes and sizes of shadow boxes to suit your style and preference. This set of four portrait-style shadow boxes would be fun to create with. But I also love the look of this large, natural oak shadow box.

And you can even go as far as to line the interior of the shadow box. Use vintage wallpaper, scrapbook paper, seed packets, or fabric remnants. These little touches can infuse extra charm and character into your creation.

What To Put Inside

Gather a bountiful harvest of nature to fill your shadow box with the magic of fall. I started right here on the farm, collecting the largest fall leaves that had gracefully descended from our trees. 

In addition to the leaves, I snipped Annabelle hydrangeas from my garden. These delicate blooms had already dried, preserving their beauty for this very purpose. To add more color and dimension, I picked up a dried bundle of colorful rusty orange stems at my local Hobby Lobby. 

While fall leaves and dried flowers take center stage in my shadow box DIY, consider adding a few extra materials to enhance the charm of your shadow box. A poem, photograph, sheet music, small pinecones, or even miniature pumpkins can be treasured additions. Keep an eye out for these small, charming details that can personalize your fall shadow box. 

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🍂 Discover the beauty of fall captured in a farmhouse-inspired shadow box DIY. 🌻 Learn how to create your own #DIYFallCraft with dried flowers and leaves.

Drying and Preserving Fall Leaves And Flowers

This project highlights fall leaves and dried flowers, so preserving their beauty is essential. There are two ways that I approach this: 

#1 PRESS: 

Pressing is an age-old method to retain intricate details. For pressing, select fresh, unblemished leaves and place them between the pages of a heavy book or inside a flower press. 

Allow time for the leaves to dry and flatten. Or see my microwave press tutorial using an innovative microwave flower press for instant results! 


The simplest way to dry flowers is to tie them in bunches and hang them upside down. I recommend laying a tea towel under them to collect falling petals while drying. You can also hang individual leaves with clothespins on a line. 

Each process preserves the vibrant colors and unique shapes, capturing the essence of fall. In turn, they become timeless additions to your shadow box DIY.

You can also buy dried flowers, as I did to add that warm, rusty color. These are a beautiful bundle of dried flowers to consider, as are these preserved fall leaves

Preserve the vibrant colors of fall in a timeless keepsake. 🍂 By crafting a captivating fall shadow box filled with dried flowers and leaves. 🌼

How to Make a Dried Flower Shadow Box for Fall

Here’s how to make a dried flower shadow box that brings autumn’s bounty into your farmhouse. 

Supplies You’ll Need:

Shadow Box Instructions:

1. To begin, trace the shape of your shadow box onto a piece of blank paper. (The backing of wrapping paper works great if you don’t have anything large enough.) 

Then, cut this shape out and begin composing your layout. This involves creating a composition that showcases your fall leaves and dried flowers in the most captivating manner.

Clean the shadow box frame while working on the layout, focusing on the glass inside and out. Allow it to dry before moving to the next step. 

2. If you are lining your shadow box, now’s the time to do it. I’d recommend using an archival glue that won’t turn yellow over time. 

3. After lining your shadow box, start adding your elements into the frame. 

Remember to use depth by layering your elements. Start by creating a layer of pressed leaves to form a beautiful backdrop for your design.

4. Then begin placing your bulkiest items, like my hydrangea blooms, pinecones, faux pumpkins, or gourds. Continue adding items to create captivating layers that draw the eye into the composition.

5. Once you’re satisfied with your arrangement, you can secure the items in place if you so choose. While I opted not to use any glue or tack, you may want to consider the longevity of your creation. This step can ensure that your shadow box remains a timeless piece of art for years to come.

Your shadow box should appear as if the treasures within are gracefully suspended in time, capturing the fleeting beauty of fall. For me, it was all about capturing autumn’s warmth and rustic beauty on the farm.

Your finished fall shadow box is not just a craft; it’s a work of art that captures the season! The preserved leaves and dried flowers symbolize a connection to nature. 

You may find yourself inspired to create more farmhouse-inspired crafts. My easy steps to transform an ordinary candle into a farmhouse fall candle is a great place to continue! 

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